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With competing for pressures to modify and exploit forests and their surrounds, complex issues of tenure, rights, access and other forest policy topics have huge impacts on outcomes for the people and environment that share these landscapes. 



Globally, forest policy is increasingly recognizing the tenure rights of people living in and around forests, and at the same time managing pressures on forestland for agriculture, biofuels, carbon sequestration and conservation. Research has highlighted that collaborative institutional arrangements that recognize and secure property rights and access to identified forests are key to effective decisions about how forests are used. However, at the same time, not all rights are exercised and not all of those who gain access to resources have rights.



The policy context is changing rapidly, and new issues and challenges are always emerging. FTViet's policy improvement outreach WP is continually adapting to stay relevant and contribute to policy that both alleviates poverty and protects the environment.



1. Multiskeholder workshop on forest management and protection in A Luoi Valley

2. Building collaboration partnership in forest restoration with Saola Nature Reserve and A Luoi Protection Forest Management Board 

3. Collaborating with Thua Thien Hue Forest Protection and Development Fund (FPDP) in capacity building and improving PFES monitoring & evaluation system 

4. Co-regenerating knowledge and contributing on discussion related to National REDD+ Adaptive Collaborative Management Approach through case study in Huong Nguyen Commune 

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