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Field Survey: Hydrographic Data Collection for FTViet Project

As part of the FTViet project activities, the research team of Consultive and Research Center on Natural Resource Management (CORENARM), together with experts from Laussane University, Switzerland, has conducted field surveys on a number of rivers and streams in A Luoi district, Thua Thien Hue province, from October 25 to July 7, 2019.

The research team took soil moisture data in plantation and natural forest, and collecting hydrographic data (depth, pressure, temperature, flow rate) and precipitation data at some areas in the research site. In addition, the team also collected some samples of water during heavy rainy days to determine the amount of sediment deposition in the water.

This is a periodic activity in the hydrological research package of the project. This field survey depended on a lot on weather conditions, with a plan divided into two stages. In the 1st phase, the members of the research team took a field trip, measuring and collecting data in dry weather conditions (no rain). In the second, data were collected on heavy rainy days, with the water level rose.

The main purpose of the survey was to compare and evaluate the fluctuation of hydrological parameters of basins at two different times. This is the basis for assessing the role of planted forests and natural forests in regulating water flow and water quality in different weather conditions.

Through field observation, at the same time during the rainy day, streams in the basin covered by natural forests have relatively clean and clear water. On the contrary, the water at streams covered by planted forests was clouded by turbidity; rocky soil and sand were swept into streams.

It can be seen that natural forests play vital roles in protecting and maintaining stable water quality. Each of us, therefore, should take small actions immediately to conserve natural forests.

Photos: by DienDinh, CORENARM

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