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Interdisciplinary and international seminar on Forest Plantations: Representation and Reality

By Christian A.Kull, FTViet project

Date: May 15, 2019

Location: France

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Reforesté (Representations and reality of planted forests) is an interdisciplinary and international research project. It is funded by the MSH (House of Human sciences) Val de Loire (2018-2019) and conducted by CITERES research center – DATE team (Sylvie Servain and Amélie Robert).

Its ambition is to question the representations linked to forest plantations, which are formed by fast-growing species. At the same time, it is to compare with the environmental, landed and social reality. The way is transdisciplinary, what is lacking in the existing literature.

The exchanges of views will happen in the framework of a seminar on Forest Plantations: Representation and Reality, which will constitute an opportunity to establish a network of forest specialists, about plantations, including researchers and non-academic professionals, belonging to different disciplines, on the international scale (France, Vietnam and Switzerland). This seminar will be based on answers to an online questionaire, defined by the partners.

Prof. Christian A.Kull, University of Lausanne participated and provided the talk in the seminar. His talk is based on his article on Forest Transitions: A new conceptual scheme on Geographica Helvetica, 72, 465-474, 2017.

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