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The Site visit of your r4d project is foreseen for spring/summer next year, but it would be helpful if we could fix the dates (and place) within the next weeks so that your team members and also Claude Martin and Peter Verburg can reserve the dates.

May I thus kindly ask you to propose some potential dates (if possible several time windows) and let me know where you would like to organize it?


For your information (as also provided in the Management Principles r4d Employment):

Site visits in the r4d programme are project meetings, organised by the respective research team in close collaboration with the programme coordinator. The aim of a Site visit is to enable the grantees, the project staff and the supporting experts of the Review Panel to share information about (i) the status and planning of work, (ii) the experiences acquired to date, and (iii) the activities for communication and application. The Site visits shall allow for identifying and exploring the opportunities for cooperation and need for advice; they also serve as an early warning system in case of any difficulties.

Site visits can take place in Switzerland or in selected country contexts of the projects. Decisions about the venue shall take into account access to site and travel logistics (including time and finances). The research team is fully in charge of Site visit organisation, programme and logistics on site. The entire consortium of grantees shall be present; researchers and PhD students working in the country where the Site visit takes place are expected to attend. 

The Site visits in the r4d programme are topic-driven and provide insights into specific moments and selected aspects of the research process of the usually large research consortia. Site visits normally have a duration of 3 to 4 days (including travel) and shall at least feature the following two agenda points:

• Project presentation by the research consortium, including exchange with assigned Panel members (focus on current stage of research and on partnerships for co-creation of 

knowledge). Pure presentation time shall be limited in favour of enabling interaction of assigned Panel members with the research team as well as among the research team members. 

• Stakeholder event or public event (focus on communication and application/pathways to impact).

The assigned Panel members will provide a written feedback on the Site visit for the research team.

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