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Workshop on Sustainable Forest Landscape Governance in A Luoi Valley

By FTVietProject, Monday 9 April, 2019

A forest dialogue aimed at connecting multi-stakeholders to discuss about the current challenges and promote sustainable vision and scenarios for the forests across A Luoi Valley in the future.

What forests you want to see next 5-10 years in A Luoi Valley?

In order to promote forest landscape governance approach, connect stakeholders with responsibilities and benefits associated with forestland and forest resources, identify requirements for sustainable maintain and development of the landscape across A Luoi Valley, FTViet project in collaboration with the A Luoi People Committee and A Luoi Forest Protection Department organized the forest dialogue "Sustainable Forest Landscape Governance in A Luoi Valley: Local perspectives" on Thursday, 04 April, 2019.

More than 21 participants representing the District People Committee, District Forest Protection Department, Huong Nguyen and A Dot Border Guard Stations, State-owned Forest Owners (Saola Nature Reserve, A Luoi Forest Protection Management Board, Nam Hoa State Forest Enterprises), and 6 communes (Hồng Bắc, Hồng Vân, Hồng Kim, A Roàng, Hương Nguyên, Sơn Thuỷ and Nhâm) and media attend the dialogue. From FTViet, not only the project team, the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) experts from Switzerland, who were carrying out the project site visit at that time, also participated as observers.

Below here shows some pictures from the dialogue:

Dr, Ngo Tri Dung, representative of FTViet project - at openning

The group discussion on forest landscape vision in A Luoi Valley

The participant shared their opinion in the dialogue

The participant shared their opinion in the dialogue

Vision statement by the local actors - Managing sustainable forests while ensuring forest-based livelihoods for local people across A Luoi Valley

News on A Luoi District Television Channel about the dialogue:

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